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Success In Meditation Depends Upon Yama-Niyama

Success In Meditation Depends Upon Yama-Niyama To begin a meditation, the very first thing you must do is get into the right posture. That is actually the third step of the yoga path in the Yoga Sutras-asana, posture: We sit, we keep the spine erect and the body ab

The Journey to Godhead Starts W1th Right Conduct

The Journey to Godhead Starts W1th Right Conduct The Yoga Sutras describe the path to God-realization as having eight phrases. The moral rules of yama-niyama are the first two step to spiritual freedom, to soul freedom; and delusion or the ego will do everything to

Our Behaviour Affects The World

Our Behaviour Affects The World   Let me give you another quotation from Paramahansaji, because as usual he has crystallized all the wisdom and inspiration that we need on this subject into a very concise package:. Divine laws bequeathed to humanity as the foun

Spiritual Laws Are Not Meant To Limit But To Empower

Spiritual Laws Are Not Meant To Limit But To Empower The principles of yama and niyama are enumerated in that ancient scripture of Yoga, the Yoga Sutras of the great rishi Patanjali; they come down to us from India's higher ages of spiritual civilizat

Yama and Niyama

Yama and NiyamaThis class refers to spiritual "dos" and "don'ts" - the universal precepts of moral behaviour. So perhaps a good way to get right to the point would be to tell you that I am your "Drill Sergeant" for this evening, and am here to tell you the rules.It is inte

Meditation what does it mean

Meditation what does it mean Yoga is the restraining of the modification of the thinking principle. SAMADHI (Meditation) is the intentness on a single point; or that state of knowledge in which the mind, having avoided the obstacles, is we

How to Observe Vijaya Ekadashi

How to Observe Vijaya Ekadashi Vijaya Ekadashi is observed during the waning phase of the moon (Krishna Paksha) in the Phalgun month of the traditional Bengali calendar. This date usually occurs in the month of February or March according to the Gregorian calendar. Vijaya Ekadashi i

Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra as explained by Swami Sivananda

Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra Aum tryambakam yajamahe sugandhim pushti vardhanam urvaarukamiva bandhanaat mrityormuksheeya maa mritat Aum

Hatha Yoga, Khechari Mudra And Pranayama

Hatha Yoga, Khechari Mudra And Pranayama By Hatha Yoga the body is rendered strong and healthy by the practice of Asanas and Mudras, and the Prana united with Apana is taken through the Sushumna to the Sahasrara Chakra at the crown of the head.   Asana and Pranaya

The Spiritual Aspect of Rabindranath Tagore

What Tagore's Composition Teaches Us Concerning God

Meaning of Abhayapada

Yogananda on Meditation

As the meditation deepens, the downward-flowing apana current and the upward-flowing prana current become neutralized into one ascending current, seeking its source in the cerebrum. Breath is still, life is still, sensations and thoughts are dissolved.

Raja Yoga Lessons - The First Lesson

THE "I."   In India, the Candidates for Initiation into the science of "Raja Yo

Oldest Buddhist Shrine Uncovered In Nepal May Push Back the Buddha's Birth Date

Located at Nepal's Lumbini pilgrimage center, the legendary site of the Buddha's birth, the discovery points to the renowned religious figure living more than a century earlier than 



Signs of Sacred Wakening - Receiving Unacknowledged Messages From the Existence

Freshly I wrote around the signs and symptoms of existence on the "vivace selection" to unworldly arousal. One of the signs of wakening is receiving "underground" messages from the macrocosm (from temperament) that forbear point you in the faction path. Undercover messages from the creation can b

A Guru is a deliverer of Spiritual things

The Expert is God Himself starting in a personal type to information the hopeful. Elegance of God requires the way of the Expert. To see the Expert is to see God. The Expert is u. s. with God. He motivates commitment in others. His lifestyle cleans all.The Expert is verily a weblink b

Importance of Brahmacharya in Spiritual Sadhana

Brahmacharya is a heavenly term. It is the sum and material of Yoga exercise. Brahmacharya is the Achara or perform by which you obtain or achieve Brahman (God). It is lifestyle in the Overall. It is activity towards God or the Atman (Self).Brahmacharya is absolute independence from s



Centuries-old Customs Of Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening is a quest that all of us is seeking. Ever since the ancient period, people seem to be in pursuit for a divine unification and enlightenment. There are different age-old rituals carried out by different communities of people throughout the world. Indigenous ethnicities that ar


                                                        GOD KNOWS !   A person, who was very weak & desperately needed food, prayed to GOD to give him some food otherwise he would die o

New York Holistic Center Cures Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Burn Out

There are a large number of people around the world who are suffering from stress, anxiety, depression and burn out. While the cause of these can differ from person to person this restricts your well-being in life. It is easier to understand stress as it is def

The Tale of Karwa Chauth

The Tale of Queen VeeravatiYears ago, there resided a wonderful lady by the name of Veeravati. She was the only sister of her seven adoring brothers, who was wedded to a king. On the event of the first Karva Chauth after her wedding, she went to her parents' home. After sun rising, she obse

Who is an "Astik" ?

Everyone is "Aastik". No one in this globe is 'nastik" - one who considers in characteristics, one who likes the wonderful moments, waterways, hills, see grin on the experience of a little kid, loves the enjoyable surf, get the fragrance of a wonderful plant, bathrooms in sunlight, and so o

Religion in India

Religion in India Debolina Choudhury What is religion : Religion may be a set of beliefs regarding the cause, nature, and purpose of life and also the universe, particularly once thought-about because the cre

How to Perform Laksmi Puja

How to Perform Laksmi Puja 1. Face East 2. Place peetham in front of you, and spread red cloth or unused small towel on top 3. Place Goddess Lakshmi’s picture on top of the red cloth. 4. Put oil lamps on both side 5. Put Aggarbatti



The Council of Sages

Couple of years back, once Tara and that I were within the range, we have a tendency to met a one hundred twenty five year recent range Master, named Paramananda Giri Maharaj, at the cave wherever he lived. He had spent ten years with Anandamayi Ma, from whom he had received several blessings, an

Pitri Tarpan

Date of Mahalaya (Tarpan) 4th October time before 8.30 am Pitri Tarpan is a ritual of Hindus performed in memory of forefathers on the auspicious day of Mahalaya. those who perform this ritual, give peace to the soul of the departed in ones linage, who in turn show

Spiritual India & Hinduism Secrets Exposed

A few days ago, I received an email from Jeremy Fox asking some questions about Hinduism and addressing all the Hindus as “Black Magicians


                            MANTRA HEALING POWER   Having complete faith and confidence in your God leads you towards spirituality and thi

The Psychological Benefits of Spirituality

Spirituality is not a mere interest, but a vital part of our life. Engendering consciousness of spirituality can help us overcome perceived problems in our everyday lives that are hampering our abilities to find fulfilment and live harmoniously with our loved ones. The use of concepts of spiritua

Spiritual Mantra Healing

MANTRA HEALING   Having complete faith and confidence in your God leads you towards spirituality and this path fills your life with positive energy.  “ Mantra Healing “ or spiritual healing has the power to k

Lord Krishna – an enlightening personality

  Lord Krishna – an enlightening personality- Spiritual India I am experiencing mixed feelings of ecstasy and awareness of my own li

Mathematical Flaw

A Mathematical Flaw - Its Jugglery Frequently & Commonly used by Statistical Industries This Fl

The History of Kurukshetra

THE HISTORY : Kurukshetra is probably the most famous, religious site in India and one of the most ancient places of pilgrimage in the world. The name of 'Kurukshetra derives from a tribe, Kuru. By the evidence of its name and of its archaeological remains there c

Kriya Yoga Gives Param Anand

The change in thoughts can bring a change in the personality of a man. The changed personality can usher a change in the nation. Yoga is the only medium, which can bring changes in the thought of mankind. It can remove all the obstacles and bring in peace. Yoga suggest

Kriya Yoga leads to Samadhi

If a man can control all the functions of his body, he can become a " Brahma Vettha " ( immersed in Brahma ). Thereafter, entire Brahmandis like an open book to him. A YOGI knows the art of constructing different organs of the body and the technique of materializing and dematerial

Kriya Yogi can live for Thousands of years

A man can stay alive for thousands of years in the state of Samadhi, a challenge to science. None of the body cells degenerate while in Samadhi. All the physical organs remain unaffected during this period. When he emerges from Samadhi, his body exudes a new brilliance, freshness and spi

Amar Yogi Gorakhnath and Pilot Baba a rare encounter

It was evening. The union of day and night was spreading it's splendor and beauty. The setting Sun enveloped in its red rays was gradually moving into the arms of night. Dusk was slowly setting in. The chirping birds were returning to their nests. River Narayani was flowing contin

Mahayogi Pilot Babaji

Mahayogi Pilot Babaji 15th July,1938, a soul sparkles in the bosom of mother Raj Tapeshwari Devi of Sasaram, Bihar. Unaware that he would be the beacon of spiritual knowledge in years to come, "Kunwar Lallan "or" Kapil Singh" ( child-hood name of Mahay

The 99 Beautiful Names of Allah

Allah Almighty have 99 Beautiful Names, ‘Allah’ is a special name of God containing them all. Allah, He who has the Godhood which is the Power to Create the Entities. Prophet Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him said “To Allah ‘God’ belongs 99 names, 100 minus 1, anyon

Hari Baba a glimpse of his life

HARI BABA hails from Nepal, " TRIKHANDI ", manifestation. Yet, he looked like a simpleton to a place five hours away from Kathmandu. "TRIKHANDI" gains it name from the fact that it is a small temple on the hill-top across the river in a small town known as " Hetauda "in Nepal. The

Hari Babaji a great Kriya Yogi

HARI BABAJI ", a yogi beyond time and space, and GURU of revered Maha Yogi Pilot Babaji, holds in him the child-like simplicity, innocence .. yet centered, radiating love and grace through his sparkling and penetrating eyes. While in his physical form .. he guided Maha Yogi Pilot B

A Temporary Fall from Ideals – A Blessing in Disguise?

In a scripture called Srimad Bhagwat we come across a story of Ajamil, the great sinner who got redemption after witnessing his brief death and then surviving for another year. The story goes like this: Ajamil was very pious and a learned scholar in his youth. While collecting flowers in the gard

God with form or without? The debate continues...

Normally, we are dealing in this world with duality keeping ourinterests at our heart and remain indulged in fulfilling ouraspirations. This leads to disgust when our interests are in conflict.The road map to divinity is from this kind of dualism to realizenon-dualism

Leaving the body by Kriya Yoga

  An old lady leaves the body by Kriya Yoga  

Kedarnath Shrine - After June 2013

  Devastation Around the Kedarnath Shrine    

Meditation Is A All-Natural Cure For Tension Headaches

This relief plus respite from the hectic pace of everyday life is not an escape from the globe however the foundation of internal peace. With practice we can start delivering the attributes of meditation into a everyday activities, which lets you move more effectively in the world. Applying the p

Wisdom - your third eye

  There are questions that are asked out of curiosity, fear, anxiety, and tension. If some fortunate one happens to develop a real wisdom his curiosity and other negative traits disappear forever with the activation of his third eye. As long as we are s

Yogiraj Shyamacharan Lahiree - Autobiography

At the hour of 7 Danda 30 Pal (08 hours 27 minutes, 47 seconds IST) on the morning of Tuesday, the seventh day of the dark fortnight and 16th Aswin of the Bengali year 1235 (30th September 1828 A.D.), this Divine Child caused His Descent at village Ghurni, His parents being Gourmohan Lahiri (Sark

Is our Swami Yogananda an Avatar?

“I came into the ashram in the later years of Paramahansa Yogananda's life. At that time there was a discussion among the monks: "Is our Guru an avatar?" And when Master called me out to the desert, where He was finishing His writings, that thought came to me again: " Is He an avatar" I rem

Chaitanya's life

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is revered by devotees as an incarnation of Krishna and Radharani as avatars of the Parmatma, or Supreme Godhead. He was born in a Bengali Hindu family .According to Chaitanya Charitamrita, Nimäi was born on the full moon night of 18 February 1486, at th

Sri Aurobindo Ghosh's transformation from a revolutionary to a tapasvi

Sri Aurobindo Ghosh's transformation from a revolutionary to a tapasvi took place when he faced a trial for sedition. Here is an excerpt from his writings : When I was arrested I was shaken in faith as I could not look into His heart or understand His intentions. I be

Babaji as Yogananda says

All we know is that he is said to be very old. Different sources give different ages.He may look like anyone, like a shape-shifter. He may look like you and me.And he is so secretive that very few actually see him - fewer still may recognise him if they chance meet him.Our sources agree that the

Absorbing karma means paying in full for karma

Absorbing karma from others means paying in full for their karma - like a rich one having millions of $ in excess meeting a poor one having a few then thousand $ debts. Of course he can easily pay in full the debts of the poor one. After paying in full however of course he will have that amount l

Kriyananda and Paramhansa Yogananda

Kriyananda : I came to Paramhansa Yogananda late in his life: on September 12, 1948, and was accepted by him as a disciple at that meeting. I was twenty-two at the time. I lived with him for the last three and a half years of his life, and spent many hours with him alone, most no

consciousness of the dying man

The consciousness of the dying man finds itself suddenly relieved of the weight of the body, of the necessity to breathe, and of any physical pain. A sense of soaring through a tunnel of very peaceful, hazy, dim light is experienced by the soul. Then the soul drifts into a state

Sri Yukteswar, the guru of Paramahansa Yogananda

Sri Yukteswar, the guru of Paramahansa Yogananda, in his book the Holy Science (Kaivalya Darshana) has provided an excellent model for understanding human history through the four Yugas of Hindu thought, which he has explained in a new way that brings much clarity into the system

Padmini Ekadasi Story

Padmini Ekadashi is the Ekadashi that falls in the Sukla Paksha or the waxing phase of the moon in the Adhika Masa or Month. The below story would explain the significance of the Padmini Ekadashi Vrat.Once there lived a great king by the Kartaveerya. He was pious, g

Sri Sadashiva brahmendra - Biography

Sri Sadashivabrahmendra was bron in Srivathsa gothra in Madurai at Tamilnadu. Sri Somanath Avadani & Srimati Parvati devi were the parents of sadashivabrahmendra.  They were soft natured, orthodox & truthful peoples. Somanath Avadani came to Madurai in

Now you are ready for the divine technique

Visualize about six feet in front of you, sitting the immortal all power full Mahavatar Babaji. The immortal saint is an eternal youth of 25 years, fair complexion, having middle height with excellent body stature; brown colour lustrous long hair.  He is radiating a tremendous

sleeping man becomes a yogi

"The rejuvenating effects of sleep are due to man's temporary unawareness of body and breathing. The sleeping man becomes a yogi; each night he unconsciously performs the yogic rite of releasing himself from bodily iden

What is Kriyayoga by Yogacharya - Dr. Ashoke Kumar Chatterjee

'Kriyayoga is an ancient Indian science. Rishi Patanjali in Patanjali Yogasastra has clearly mentioned about this Kriyayoga dating back to 15,000 years. All munis, rishis, yogis and Mahapurushas have practised this Kriyayoga sadhana. At a later date Bhagavan Krishna altered the n

Mystery of Adi Shankara Phenomenon

In response to a veteran Buddhist’s intellectual deliberation and declaration that ‘Shunyata’ and ‘Brahma’ are same, a very young Adi smiled and said that any affirmation or verbalization about ‘That Otherness’ is not ‘That’ as ‘That&rsq

Seven Chakra or Spiritual centers

For information purposes, brief descriptions the seven main chakras are included here. Some of the comments here provide hints on practices to be covered further on:

Meditation - By Paramahamsa Prajnanananda

When life is stressful and distressing, the opportunity for relaxation and real joy is diminished. We are busy, running without purpose, ultimately we become tired, bored, and unhappy. Our hearts, lungs, and other internal organs are overburdened with the pressure of work and anxiety.

Kriyayoga And Prana

Kriyayoga is Prana-science. Prana is essential amongst everything animate and inanimate, because of the existence of Prana, everyone is alive, all actions are performed, enjoyment and suffering can be experienced. Nothing can be experienced if Prana is non-existent in the body.

Who is Babaji Really?

Much hue and cry has been raised about Babaji. To familiarise us further about His Guru Babaji Yogiraj has del

Our Body is a House with 9 Exit Gates-Shrimad Bhagvatam

Our Body is a House with 9 Exit Gates-Shrimad Bhagvatam   Our Body is a House with 9 Exit Gates-Shrimad Bhagvatam

Teachings of Sri Lahiri Mahasaya

Teachings of Sri Lahiri Mahasaya   Teachings of Sri Lahiri Mahasaya  

Pains and pleasures on the spiritual path

Pains and pleasures on the spiritual path.     Pai

Someone to wake me up spiritually

Someone to wake me up spiritually     Spiritual aw

Glimpses from the life of Swami Sivananda

Glimpses from the life of Swami Sivananda     How
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