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A Guru is a deliverer of Spiritual things

The Expert is God Himself starting in a personal type to information the hopeful. Elegance of God requires the way of the Expert. To see the Expert is to see God. The Expert is u. s. with God. He motivates commitment in others. His lifestyle cleans all.The Expert is verily a weblink b

The Council of Sages

Couple of years back, once Tara and that I were within the range, we have a tendency to met a one hundred twenty five year recent range Master, named Paramananda Giri Maharaj, at the cave wherever he lived. He had spent ten years with Anandamayi Ma, from whom he had received several blessings, an

Amar Yogi Gorakhnath and Pilot Baba a rare encounter

It was evening. The union of day and night was spreading it's splendor and beauty. The setting Sun enveloped in its red rays was gradually moving into the arms of night. Dusk was slowly setting in. The chirping birds were returning to their nests. River Narayani was flowing contin

Mahayogi Pilot Babaji

Mahayogi Pilot Babaji 15th July,1938, a soul sparkles in the bosom of mother Raj Tapeshwari Devi of Sasaram, Bihar. Unaware that he would be the beacon of spiritual knowledge in years to come, "Kunwar Lallan "or" Kapil Singh" ( child-hood name of Mahay

Hari Baba a glimpse of his life

HARI BABA hails from Nepal, " TRIKHANDI ", manifestation. Yet, he looked like a simpleton to a place five hours away from Kathmandu. "TRIKHANDI" gains it name from the fact that it is a small temple on the hill-top across the river in a small town known as " Hetauda "in Nepal. The

Chaitanya's life

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is revered by devotees as an incarnation of Krishna and Radharani as avatars of the Parmatma, or Supreme Godhead. He was born in a Bengali Hindu family .According to Chaitanya Charitamrita, Nimäi was born on the full moon night of 18 February 1486, at th

Sri Aurobindo Ghosh's transformation from a revolutionary to a tapasvi

Sri Aurobindo Ghosh's transformation from a revolutionary to a tapasvi took place when he faced a trial for sedition. Here is an excerpt from his writings : When I was arrested I was shaken in faith as I could not look into His heart or understand His intentions. I be

Glimpses from the life of Swami Sivananda

Glimpses from the life of Swami Sivananda     How
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