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Importance of Brahmacharya in Spiritual Sadhana

Brahmacharya is a heavenly term. It is the sum and material of Yoga exercise. Brahmacharya is the Achara or perform by which you obtain or achieve Brahman (God). It is lifestyle in the Overall. It is activity towards God or the Atman (Self).

Brahmacharya is absolute independence from sex-related ideas and wishes. It is the vow of celibacy. It is management of all the feelings in believed, term and action.

Brahmacharya is not simple bachelorhood. There should be tight abstinence not merely from lovemaking but also from auto-erotic symptoms, from self satisfaction, from gay and lesbian functions and from all perverse sex-related methods. It must further include a lasting abstention from satisfaction in sexual creativity and sexy reverie.

In a filter feeling, Brahmacharya is celibacy. In a wide feeling, it is absolute management of all the feelings. The entrance of Nirvana (liberation) or excellence is complete Brahmacharya.

Celibacy is to a Yogi what power is to an electric lamp. Without celibacy no religious improvement is possible. It is a effective tool and protect to salary war against the inner wicked causes of lust, rage and avarice. It works as a entrance for the happiness beyond, and paves the way of independence. It results in evergreen joy and continuous happiness. It is the only key to open the Sushumna (the primary among astral pipes in the individual body running inside the backbone column) and wake up the Kundalini (the primordial cosmic energy in the individual).
There cannot be any terminology without terms. You cannot sketch an image without a fabric or a walls. You cannot create anything without document. Even so, you cannot have wellness and religious lifestyle without celibacy.

An recognized celibate will not feel any difference in in contact with the other sex, certificates, a prevent of timber, or a item of rock. A real celibate only can develop Bhakti (devotion). A real celibate only can exercise Yoga exercise. A real celibate only can obtain jnana (wisdom).

Brahmacharya is intended both for men and ladies. Bhishma, Hanuman, Lakshmana, Christ, Mirabai, Sulabha and Gargi were all celibates.

One of the learners of Dhanvantari contacted his instructor after completing his full course of Ayurveda (the historical Native indian technology of medicine) and asked: "O Bhagavan, please let me know the key of wellness now."

Dhanvantari replied: "This seminal energy is verily the Atman. The key of wellness can be found in servicing of this vital power. He who spend materials this vital and valuable energy cannot have actual, psychological, moral and religious growth."

Veerya (seminal energy) is God in activity. Veerya is powerful will. Veerya is soul-force. Veerya is the material of lifestyle, believed, intellect and awareness. Always keep in mind this.
The vital energy, Veerya which facilitates your lifestyle, which is the Prana (life-force) of Pranas, which stands out in your dazzling sight, which facilitates in your glowing face, is a fantastic value to you. It is the quintessence of blood vessels.

From meals, chyle is manufactured; out of chyle comes blood; out of blood vessels comes flesh; out of skin comes fat; out of fat comes marrow; out of marrow comes sperm. Semen is the last material. It is the material of essences.

Just as glucose permeates sugar-cane and butter permeates dairy, so also sperm permeates the whole individual body. It prevails in a simple type throughout one's individual body. It is removed and elaborated in a total type in the sex-related body parts under the impact of the sex-related will and sex-related enjoyment.

When a man is thrilled by interest, the Prana is set in activity. The vital air or Prana goes the inner sap or sperm. The sperm is put into activity. It drops downwards, just as the atmosphere rush into the rainfall water; just as the vegetables and fruit, blossoms, and results in of the shrub fall down by the power of the ruining gusts of wind.

Note properly the wicked after-effects, once the Veerya is missing. Prana gets unsteady. It gets distressed.. The persona do not work energetically. There is psychological and actual sleepiness. Fatigue and weak point are knowledgeable. You have to take options to dairy , vegetables and fruit and other content to make excellent the lack of energy. Keep in mind these content can never, never repair reduction. Bad storage, early old age, erection problems, various kinds of eye illnesses and anxious illnesses are because of the large lack of this vital liquid.

Those who have missing much of their sperm become easily annoyed. They reduce their balance of ideas quickly. Little factors disappointed them. Those who have not noticed the vow of celibacy become slaves of rage, negligence and fear. If you do not have your feelings under management, you project to do silly activities which even kids will not challenge to do.

Man, with his featured intellect, has to learn training from parrots and creatures. Even creatures have more self-control than men. It is only the so-called man who has deteriorated himself much by satisfaction. At the heat of sex-related enjoyment, he do it again the same ignoble act again and again. He has not a bit of self-control. He is a total servant to interest. He is a puppet in the arms of interest. Like bunnies he procreates and delivers forth plenty of kids to expand up the number of beggars in the world. Tigers, monsters, bulls and other highly effective creatures have better self-control than men. Tigers cohabit only once in a year. After perception, the women creatures will never allow the men creature to strategy them until the young ones are weaned and they themselves become properly. Man only goes against the rules of characteristics and consequently is impacted with numerous illnesses. He has degenerated to a stage far reduced than that of creatures in this regard.
Indulgence in the sex-related act is stressful to the women program and a stress upon their energy as in the case of man. The anxious stress it enforces is very excellent indeed. The women program, being more sensitive and high-strung, is often more impacted than that of the men.

What do we see these days? Kids, men and ladies are perished in the sea of contaminated ideas, lustful wishes and little sensitive excitement. It is highly deplorable indeed. It is surprising to listen to some of the experiences of guys. Many college guys have come to me and individually read their pitiable lifestyles. Their energy of elegance has been missing due to sex-related enjoyment and lustful inebriation. Why do you reduce the energy that has taken many weeks and several weeks to obtain for the benefit of a little, temporary sensitive pleasure?

In the past, guys of the Gurukula (ancient academic program of India) were properly. Today there is no real moral lifestyle in contemporary academic institutions and universities. The present program to train and learning needs a extreme and extreme change. Modern society has enfeebled our guys and ladies. They cause an synthetic lifestyle. Children beget kids. There is national damage. It is difficult to be fit and powerful unless individuals, guys and ladies, try their stage best to keep up Brahmacharya or the vow of celibacy.

Pure air, genuine conventional water, healthy meals, exercising, outdoor games like golf - all give rise to the servicing of excellent wellness, durability and a higher conventional of vigour and energy. There are, indeed, many methods to obtain wellness and durability. These methods are, potentially, essential essential. But, celibacy is the most important of all. It is the only specific that keeps up real manliness.

The exercise of celibacy is not joined with any risk or illness, or unwanted outcomes such as the various kinds of 'complex' incorrectly linked by the European specialists. They have no skills of the topic on hand. They have a wrong and ill-founded creativity that the ungratified sex-energy represents the various types of 'complex' such as touch-phobia. The complicated is due to some other causes. It is a melancholy mind-set due to extreme envy, hate, rage, fear, and depressive disorders introduced about by various causes.

On the opposite, even a little of self-restraint or a little exercise of continence is an ideal 'pick-me-up'. It gives inner durability and satisfaction. It invigorates the mind and nerve fibres. It allows to preserve psychological and actual energy. It increases storage, will power, and psychological faculties. It bestows remarkable durability, vigour, and energy. It renovates the program or structure, replenishes the cells and cells, promotes digestive function, and gives energy to face the complications in the everyday fight of lifestyle. One who has ideal management over sex-related energy reaches energy unobtainable by another means.

If a man delivers a lifestyle of celibacy even in his householder's lifestyle and has copulation sometimes for the benefit of child only, he can carry forth healthier, brilliant, powerful, wonderful, self-sacrificing kids. The ascetics and saviours of historical Native indian, when wedded, used to follow this excellent concept very properly for this objective, and also used to educate by example and exercise how to cause a lifestyle of a Brahmachari even as a homeowner.

It is worth duplicating that a real celibate offers remarkable energy, a clear mind, enormous will-power, strong knowing, sharp storage and excellent Vichara Sakti (power of enquiry). Swami Dayananda ceased the buggy of a Maharaja (great king). He split the blade with his arms. This was due to his energy of celibacy. All the religious management have been real celibates. Christ, Sankara, Jnana Deva and Samarth Ramdas were all celibates.

Diet performs a popular part in keeping up celibacy. There are different spaces in the mind and each meals generates its own impact on each section and of the common program. A confection of sparrow generates aphrodisiac impact. It straight energizes the reproduction body parts. Garlic cloves, red onion, various meats, seafood, and egg activate interest.

Give appropriate attention to meals. Have control in eating plan. Take Sattvic (pure) meals such as dairy, vegetables and fruit, and rice. Periodic going on a fast assessments interest, relaxes the feelings, manages the Indriyas (senses), and allows in the exercise of celibacy.

People discuss of celibacy; but realistic men are unusual, indeed. A lifestyle of continence is really beset with complications.

It is simple to control a competition or a lion or an hippo. It is simple to play with a cobra. It is simple simply walking over the flame. It is simple to uproot the Himalayas. It is simple to get success in the battleground. But, it is difficult to reduce lust.

You need not hopelessness even a bit, however. Have trust in God, in His Name and in His elegance. You are restricted to be successful if you have trust in Him. Mere individual attempt alone will not be sufficient. The heavenly elegance is needed. Lust cannot be absolutely uprooted from the mind except by the elegance of the Master. God allows those who help themselves.

Lack of religious Sadhana is the main cause for all sex-related destinations. Mere theoretical abstention from sensuous moments will not carry you excellent outcomes. You must mercilessly cut off all requirements in social interaction and cause a pious lifestyle. Leniency to inner reduced propensities will area you in the area of struggling. Reason will not be of use in this regard. You must be honest in your objective for the classy lifestyle of spiritual techniques. Half-heartedness will keep you in your old condition of agony.

Do not think of the other sex. Do not look at the other sex. Looking at the other sex will make wish to discuss to them. Discussing will make a wish to contact them. Gradually you will have an contaminated ideas and will fall a sufferer. Therefore never look at the other sex. Never discuss very well with them. Do not be acquainted with them.

The look must be completely chaste and genuine. Master Christ says: "If you have a lustful look, you have already dedicated infidelity in the heart." Lustful look, lustful thinking, wet-dreams are all problems or smashes in celibacy. Be chaste in your look. Be chaste in your discuss. See mom in all women. Cultivate classy, heavenly ideas. Repeat the Lord's Name and reflect consistently. You will be recognized in celibacy.

There are four procedures in the exercise of celibacy. First management the sex-impulse and sex-Vasana (sex-desire). Then exercise efficiency of sex-energy. Closed out all gaps through which energy leaking. Then redirect the preserved energy into appropriate religious programs through Japa, Kirtan, non selfish service, Pranayama (practice of breath-control), study, cautious, self-analysis, more self examination and Vichara. Then have transformation or sublimation of the sex-energy. Let it be turned into Ojas (spiritual energy) or Brahma-tejas (spiritual halo) through continuous relaxation or Brahma-Chintana (remembrance of God).

According to Yogic technology, sperm prevails in a simple type throughout the whole individual body. It is found in a simple condition in all the cells of one's individual body. It is removed and elaborated into a total type in the sex-related body organ under the impact of the sex-related will and sex-related enjoyment. An Oordhvareta Yogi (one who has saved up the seminal energy in the mind after sublimating the same into religious energy) not only transforms the sperm into Ojas, but assessments through his Yogic energy, through cleanliness in believed, term and action, the very growth of sperm by the secretory cells or testes or plant seeds. This is a fantastic key. Allopaths believe that even in an Oordhvareta Yogi, the growth of sperm goes on continuously and that the liquid is reabsorbed into the blood vessels. This is an error. They do not understand the inner Yogic tricks and tricks. They are in the black. Their Drishti or perspective is involved with the total factors of the galaxy. The Yogi permeates into the simple invisible characteristics of factors through Yogic Chaksu or the inner perspective of knowledge. The Yogi gets management over the astral characteristics of sperm and thereby stops the growth of the very liquid itself.

You will have to be very cautious of response. The feelings that are put under constraint for some several weeks, or for one or two decades, become edgy if you are not always cautious and cautious. They rebel and move you out when possibilities occur. Some individuals, who notice celibacy for one or two decades, become more enthusiastic and spend the energy significantly in the end. Some individuals become incorrigible, moral damages also.

You must not labor under the misconception that you have eliminated lust absolutely by modifying the eating plan plan a bit, by exercising Pranayama, and by doing a little Japa, and that you have nothing more to do. Enticement may get over you at any time. Everlasting cautious and extensive Sadhana are very essential.

You may be able to stop copulation for several weeks and decades, but there should not be any sex-related wanting or fascination for the other sex.

The condition of psychological celibacy must be kept up even among cravings and illness. Then only you are safe. The feelings begin to rebel during times of condition and also when you come in contact with sense-objects.

You cannot obtain ideal celibacy by restricted attempt. Just as a machine-gun is necessary to destroy a highly effective attacker, so also, continuous, extensive and highly effective Sadhana is necessary to reduce this highly effective attacker, lust. You must not be full with satisfaction for your little accomplishment in celibacy. If you are put to test, you will hopelessly don't succeed. You must be ever aware of your disadvantages and you must consistently endeavor to get rid of them. The biggest attempt is necessary. Then you will have sanguine success in this route.

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