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Who is an "Astik" ?

Everyone is "Aastik". No one in this globe is 'nastik" - one who considers in characteristics, one who likes the wonderful moments, waterways, hills, see grin on the experience of a little kid, loves the enjoyable surf, get the fragrance of a wonderful plant, bathrooms in sunlight, and so on ..... is a believer of God.
God does not live at a particular position or any forehead, mosque, cathedral or any other position of praise. HE exists in each and every individual center, even in vegetation, creatures, in sea and rocks.He is everywhere and universal. Viewing wats or temples, locations of worships and pilgrimages allows us to keep in thoughts Him. Actually HE is just within all of us and we need to and link within.

one who joins within with the superior energy is actual "Aasthik" 
Every religious beliefs has two factors - one is exterior and the second is inner the inner aspect contains visiting locations of worships, studying and knowing significance of scriptures,visiting different sacred locations and challenge pilgrimages and all other traditions and techniques implemented andfollowed by the different religions
The second i.e the other aspect of all faiths and lessons of the their Experts indicate towards inward trip of the spirit which one can continue when the spirit increases above persona. Christ, Budha, Expert Nanak, and all the excellent Experts until time frame provided the educating to all humanity to go within and fulfill HIM which is greatest objective of individual lifestyle.

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