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Spiritual India & Hinduism Secrets Exposed

A few days ago, I received an email from Jeremy Fox asking some questions about Hinduism and addressing all the Hindus as “Black Magicians”. Dear Jeremy, I hope this article quenches your thirst about the religion “Hinduism”.

The Indians totally believe in supernatural occurrences. They consider it to be totally sacred, and anyone who goes down the path must leave their family and all kinds of material attachments. They have to go to any ashram or the Himalayas and meditate....This is the most common understanding of spiritualism in India. The lesser spiritualists are considered to be the Tantric. They are those people who are mainly involved in black magic for household purposes. Hence, when stuff like kundalini, yoga, auras etc. are discussed people feel you are either some kind of sorcerer or maybe you are planning to become a yogi. Both the circumstances seem totally dangerous to the family members and the society.

There are remarkably few gurus who are open to a new approach to spirituality. They prefer to stick to traditional methods. This is why Indian society is not that much of a totally open spiritual society. To an extent you can say, villages provides a better scope of becoming a yogi. This is because the families in the villages have 5-6 children in general. In towns where 2 children are most commonly found in a family this spiritual stuff and abilities are not at all encouraged , of course for security reasons. But praying at temples, worshiping all beings and creation as a god, listening to devotional music, fasts on auspicious days are profusely practiced by most households. Most of the Hindus do not discriminate non Hindus on the ground of religious texts. This is because those texts do not mention anything about dealing with non Hindus in day to day life.

One of the key aspects of Hinduism is that it does not declare itself as a religion. The term Hinduism was coined by westerners to describe the people living across the Indus river. Therefore you could say technically all people living in India are Hindus by terminology. Also Hinduism supports all types of god worship and also atheism because it is nothing but the conglomeration of ideas of all the great saints and thinkers who have ever lived in this country. Hindus are free to choose between any philosophy they like to. Perhaps this is the one religion which is not prophet based. The greatest aspect of Hinduism is that it has successfully incorporated people of different philosophies together without battling with each others philosophies.

When Christianity came to India, it was warmly received in India and continued to grow without much problem in India, unlike many other countries and has since existed peacefully alongside without much trouble. When the theory of evolution came into existence firmly, Christians and Muslim creationists battled it into the courts, and the war still rages on. Nothing like that ever happened in India because the theory of evolution is actually supported by Hinduism.

The name India also has a spiritual tinge if you observe, that it comes from the word Indigo which denotes the brow Chakra!!!!

Today poverty is widespread in this country, but the villages also produce an appreciable number of yogis who travel to the Himalayas in search of liberation or provide community service.

Offshoot religions like Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism is also paid great respect in our country. A typical middle class Hindu will generally have images of Hindu gods, a Christian crucifix symbol and also an image of Lord Buddha or a statue. This is because we actually do not have rules that we cannot respect other faiths like the middle eastern countries do to other faiths.

Only when poverty is eliminated altogether and when the people of India truly understand that Hinduism teaches us that we are not Hindus, Muslims or Christians , we are souls in human bodies striving for enlightenment and that no supreme path exists but that all paths are equally supreme and respectable, shall my country be worthy of its previous glory!!!

Basically if you see Hinduism is perhaps the greatest religion provided you interpret it in the following terms:

1) It basically provides freedom to follow any philosophy you choose and doesn't condemn others. The choice is yours.

2) It doesn't identify itself as a religion at all as I said earlier.

3) It preaches that the source is everything and everything is worthy of worship

4) It doesn't have any rules against non Hindus

5) Being Hindu doesn't mean praying to Hindu gods, celebrating Hindu festivals etc.. These are social habits that grew over time and doesn't have any significance in the true spiritual practices of the country. Moreover these may be likened to household magic mainly!!!!

6) Belief in cycles of creation and destruction of the universe, the existence of multiverse and dimensions, existence of multidimensional life forms, spirit masters, devas , asuras , intermediate multidimensional beings, aliens and reincarnation. This point can be omitted if you are an atheist.

7) Awakening Kundalini, according to the tantrik tradition, in order to ascend to new levels of consciousness and the process goes on and on. Ascension doesn't stop.

8) Hinduism doesn't actually provide with any laws you must follow or you'll enter the hell kind of scenario. The concept of heaven and hell doesn't exist in Upanishads but the people of India do have a social belief of heaven and hell, which can be explained by simply emotions!!!!!

9) Karma exists but the fact that if you do harm to others, you'll get punished if you do good you'll be rewarded is just folkloric belief and the concept of karma is not at all like that but totally different according to Swami Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo. Its mainly states that the effect of action does affect the action maker but whether it will be good or bad depends upon the person's belief system.

10) It doesn't have any rules for conversion of non Hindus to Hindus and vice versa and doesn't support these stuff!!!!

Thanks a lot for reading this post. By upholding Hinduism I did not mean to defame other religions. No religion has proven perfect on Earth. My idea was to show what I have understood of Hinduism in a very unbiased way. I particularly do not follow it staunchly but many of its real teachings appeals to me and that is what I have shared.

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