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                            MANTRA HEALING POWER

  Having complete faith and confidence in your God leads you towards spirituality and this path fills your life with positive energy. This positive energy is a combined effect of power of Mantra healing and Dowsing. Each and every person has his or her savior God like our savior God is Shri Ghantakaran Mahavirji. Through Dowsing,  we can find out a persons savior God, and by offering prayers to ones savior God we can gain what we want in our life.

 Evil spirits affected a certain girl. Her life became miserable. She lost interest in studies, became extremely irritable and was faced with a lot of other problems. But after 1 1/2 months of constant spiritual working now she is free of all evil spirits and is supremely happy. In this spiritual working,  no medicines or herbs are used. It is based on pure Mantra chanting and our spiritual powers. Presence of the person on whom mantra healing is to be done is not necessary. Mantra Healing can cure mental tension, migraine, insomnia, joint pain, sinus, intestinal problems, I.T.P., cancer, pregnancy related problems, and etc. Healing basically removes our negative energy, rectifies planetary position and removes evil spirits if any. It balances our chakras and thus brings peace to our mind.

 We have cured people worldwide through Mantra Healing and not only people but animals too. All this is not possible without fully devoted puja. A person having the knowledge of Dowsing can step in the field of Healing because in healing process,  the pendulum is also used. 

 Every living thing has to die one day. Illness is a significant problem when the living thing has a body. But when one has the power of prayers all illness and problems are at bay. Mantra Healing is the blessings of Shri Ghantakaran Mahavirji. God has lots, and lots to give. How much you receive depends on the intensity and truthfulness of your prayers. Have confidence, faith and trust in God and problems will stay away from you.

  “ Mantra Healing “ or spiritual healing has the power to keep you away from problems and illness. Purity, genuine and pure hearts are essential for Mantra healing. Mantra healing is truly a spiritual process. Mantras are everlasting. They affect our mind, heart and soul. When mantras are chanted and when we hear them our body is filled with power and we feel at peace. Why? Because mantras have the power of the universe.

  Idols in temples give their effect only due to mantras. No yantra or idols are effective without mantras. Mantra affects your speech, your body and even your thinking. That is the reason behind joining healing with Mantras, making them more powerful.

 Healing means giving healthy mind and healthy body. Many a people ask us to change this word “Mantra Healing” as they do not understand the meaning. But it is more beneficial to understand the power and work done by it than it’s meaning.

  A person is made to sit or recline in the healing chamber and asked to meditate. Through dowsing, the person’s inner power, his weakness and his problems are found out. Mantra healing and Dowsing astrology go hand in hand. Dowsing astrology finds out the problems and its remedy and Mantra healing cures that problem. One should always have faith in God. Try to find your savior God and perform proper prayers and pooja. Here you are helped through Dowsing astrology. Mantra healing cures mental tension, migraine, insomnia, joint pain, sinus, intestinal problems, I.T.P., cancer, pregnancy related problems, depression, evil effects and all family related problems.

 A person affected by evil spirits can be recognized by a Dowsing astrologer but how can a common person recognize such people? Given below are some symptoms, which will help you to recognize them: -

 : Constantly gazing at any object.

 : While in conversation, staring up.

 : An Immovable retina.

 : Staring at a person or an object in a strange manner.

 : Suddenly liking some foul smelling object or too sweet smelling objects.

 : Consuming an excessive amount of alcohol, cigarette, non-veg food etc.

 : After mid-night feeling awkward or having irritation in sex organs.


  In such cases “Dowsing Astrology” done by Pendulum, which has been given power’s by Mantras can help you. This works as an x-ray machine. It does not matter if the person is present or not, through Dowsing we can see into everything starting from the day he was in his mothers womb, his present and his future. Once the reason behind the problem is detected spiritual working is started. Many people do not believe in evil spirit or mantras as they say we cannot see the evil spirits. But have they seen God? Still everybody has faith in God. No one can see air but still we can feel it.

 For a Dowsing Astrologer and spiritual Healing it is not impossible to tackle such problems. If there is life there is death, there is sky, earth and science but religion and spiritual power exceeds them. Our religion motivates us to do virtuous deeds.   

         Sanjay Lodha Jain

         Bhawishya Astro Research centre

         17,Shopping Centre, Gautam Nagar








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