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Mathematical Flaw

A Mathematical Flaw - Its Jugglery Frequently & Commonly used by Statistical Industries

This Flaw also affects Life of Human Beings Slowly but Penetratively

Each Human Being on This Earth one day has to consciously understand the Reality hidden behind this Flaw or behind Law of Duality

Invisible or Hidden or Non-Displayed Items

Visible or Shown or Displayed Items

Input Item A - Negative
Ultimately Leads to Failure / Fall

Input Item B - Positive
Ultimately Leads to Success / Rise

Visibly same Output

Causes confusion

Square of a Negative Integer
Actions arising from Subconscious Mind

Square of a Positive Integer
Actions arising from Superconscious Mind

Visibly same Result

Leads to flaw



















….. And so on so forth

Transitionally, Passing thru Zero is Painful and a MUST Factor while shifting from Negative to Positive OR upgrading from Failure to Success. Zero also refers to Thoughtlessness or Open Mind.

Philosophically, Zero means Unconditional Divine Love or Fight for Right.

On Physical Plane, Zero means Intense Chaos / Confusion or Partial Memory Loss or Acute Disease or Financial Crunch or Death, and this Finally corresponds to Dissolution of Earth, Big Void.

This World is a Big Play of two energies - Zero or Female and One or Male - Nothing More Nothing Less.

 - by Devender Shekhar,
28-August-2013, Wednesday

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devender shekhar

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