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Kriya Yoga leads to Samadhi

If a man can control all the functions of his body, he can become a " Brahma Vettha " ( immersed in Brahma ).

Thereafter, entire Brahmandis like an open book to him. A YOGI knows the art of constructing different organs of the body and the technique of materializing and dematerializing.

He is on the plane of cosmic consciousness and can comprehend all the activities of the Brahmand, which appear in the form of astral vibrations.

The YOGI, by virtue of his astral knowledge, detaches himself from the revealed nature and goes deep within his ' self' and wanders in the folds of eternity.

When the two vibrations collide, they produce a sound and give the indication of the future events. These events are within a defined limitation of the future events. But, if a YOGI immerses himself in samadhi with a sankalp, he is beyond this line of limitation.

When a YOGI is in the state of samadhi, his body becomes rather life-less. However, his thoughts are there in the desired direction.

A samadhi is not a trivial issue and should not be undertaken for the sake of trial or exhibition.

By renouncing intellect, mind, ego, chitta .. a YOGI obtains the propensity to rise towards the TEJAS of SUPREME INTELLIGENCE.

With the help of samadhi, a YOGI separates the astral and causal bodies and wanders in the Brahmand.

The cognition of 'Jiva 'and , Soul ' is possible through _ samadhi. It also unfolds the ~ mysteries of the astral world Saints and Mahatmas who have freed themselves from the worldliness of life can obtain this level of samadhi.

Once a YOGI is deeply absorbed in samadhi, all his tendencies gradually wane away and he begins to demonstrate the Viral. He is physically detached from the visible world, but is united in its astral form with Earth and other Lokas.

The cognition of the astral world releases him from the desires to return to the material world.

After a close communication with the creator's wondrous waves, he loses interest in the physical world. He rises above the limitation of the physical world.

Generally, a MAHA PURUSH, who has buried himself in samadhi leaves his gross body in the security of caves and travels in his astral form for long periods. Sometimes, he dons his physical form to complete his karma on Earth.

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