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Kriya Yogi can live for Thousands of years

A man can stay alive for thousands of years in the state of Samadhi, a challenge to science.
None of the body cells degenerate while in Samadhi. All the physical organs remain unaffected during this period. When he emerges from Samadhi, his body exudes a new brilliance, freshness and spiritual energy.

The fundamental Tattvas ( elements ), which are energized by " Rekha ( death) " remain·
unaffected. In the state of Samadhi, a yogi detaches all the Maha Bhoots from the body in the microforms and constitutes an astral body. " Rekha ", all the while, is a helpless spectator.

Death cannot come to a person who is immersed in Samadhi. A yogi is a power incarnate. He can move by the power of his will. Samadhi is beyond the comprehension of science. Modern science can float satellites in space but is unable to measure the velocity of thought vibrations.

Since ages, many yogis are still present in the Himalayan caves in a state of Samadhi. Their gross bodies are in the caves .. but they are exploring the cosmos in their astral bodies.
The researches of spiritual science have time and again given a call to the physicists to awake to the immeasurable potential of the

. Through this spiritual medium alone, a man can establish contact with the living beings of countless alien planets.

My personal experiences through this medium have given credibility to the hypothesis .. life on other planets. I have explored many planets and have communicated with their inhabitants. The living beings of these planets are highly advanced, scientifically and culturally. The exploration of Brahmand is a simple matter to them.

There are innumerable galaxies in the space, which have life-forms. The beings of these planets have often visited our planet Earth. If modern science decides to join hands with Spiritual Science of our ancient sages, it can achieve stupendous results. By unraveling the supremacy of the Tattvas and conquering them, a man of science can contact these alien beings in their astral and causal bodies.

When man begins to take a scientific interest in his body which itself is like a laboratory, he discovers his divine potential, which is latent in his inner' self '.

A man has a power in him. He is like a ' self' monitored aircraft. Man is complete in himself. He is endowed with all potentials. But society retards his progress by retracting his potential. Hence, the multi facets of man are thus made to hibernate. With the result, man remains

incomplete and passes his life in ignorance. Samadhi offers the key to unlock the extraordinary capabilities, which are latent within him.

The flow of Neutrons cannot be arrested. It can penetrate even strongest substance. It flows continuously, but can also be consolidated.

Similarly, Causal Body's flow is ceaseless and its consolidation is possible. Neutrons exist in space in astral threads. Causal Body too exists within the gross body.

A yogi who is fully immersed in Samadhi comes out in the astral form and thereafter creates the Causal Body. Thus, imbued with the power of motion, he can travel to different galaxies in space and gather information about its inhabitants. He can adopt such physical frame, which fulfill the environmental requirements of various planets in space and do not affect him adversely.

Science's scornful approach towards nature's fundamental creative qualities is indeed a matter of shame. All the achievements of Science rest in Nature. Science owes its total existence to the unlimited potential of Nature. Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space the fundamental Tattvas or elements are extremely important in the realm of science. Without the sympathetic cooperation of these, science cannot survive. Science is capable of achieving possibly everything except one thing, unravelling the root­ . cause of all creations.

Spiritual Science had always laid stress on the study of soul. Human body is made from the Panch Bhoot or the five elements. Any human being, who can discover its twin nature .. micro and macro .. can become a master in the field of spiritual science and thereafter explore the multitudes of planets, which lure us from the sky.

In order to achieve this stage, the co-operation of a yogi, who is well versed in the spiritual science, becomes imperative. A yogi knows the secret of the Sutras, which enable him to disintegrate and reintegrate the atomic structure of his body.

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Tarun Choudhry


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