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Amar Yogi Gorakhnath and Pilot Baba a rare encounter

It was evening. The union of day and night was spreading it's splendor and beauty.

The setting Sun enveloped in its red rays was gradually moving into the arms of night. Dusk was slowly setting in. The chirping birds were returning to their nests. River Narayani was flowing continuously towards its destination. The dormant trees and the creepers appeared to be conveying their message. The flowing waters were receiving the encouragement. Scattered clouds in the sky were playing hide and seek.

The Sun was steadily going into hiding. The evening was restive, for the Sun was slipping away from her grip. This atmosphere of union and separation was affecting each and every atom of nature. The weary traveller on the one side and on the other side, the ( night) was in waiting .. a mix of expectancy and a fear of losing something.

At that moment, the Sun freed itself from the evening's grip and got lost in the darkness of night. It was dark and there was total silence everywhere. It was, as though each and every atom of nature had gone to sleep. The stars shone The sky. The silence was interrupted now and then by the flowing waters. The moment had a strange beauty.

At that moment, I heard a divine voice:

" This is nature's drama. It is enacted on the stage of manifested world everyday as per the law of nature. Some have to surrender whereas others have to rise and set. Many times, we have come and gone and we will continue to come and go. We will witness the union and separation of day and night again and again like we see the birth and death.

" But ' Kapil " (child-hood name of Pilot Baba ) the bliss of surrender can only be explained by those who live despite being dead. In this state, there is neither birth nor death. Life does not abandon the body Man lives even after his death. There is neither activity nor inactivity in this state, only total bliss is there. This bliss is totally immersed in nature and consciousness. The state of ultimate sleep and wakefulness is also not there. It is pure and simple bliss. "

Something strange and weird was happening. These words were sounding from some divine source. I was lost in that divine being. My heartbeat became alive and one with the Himalayas. My ears were alert and heart was still. It disturbed my ego.

The entire nature was in mute alertness. It was leaving an indelible imprint on my mind. Words, like nectar, were pouring from the eternal Yogi Saba Gorakhnath's lotus mouth. Each and every atom of my body was alert   every fiber of the body was responding to him. I went on looking at him with a fixed gaze. My mind was eager to surrender to hjm and get lost in him.

" If you wish to live, learn to die. Do not create any new bondage. Destruction of sanskar is liberation. Life in death is the bliss. Supreme bliss .. it is a state of ' Nityananda " where the mind, intelligence, conscience, meditation, body and universe cease to exist. Life is not there .. Death is not there you are not there - I am not there. There is nothing but Ananda. "

The flow of divine thoughts was spreading everywhere and the entire Brahmand was being illuminated within me. I was almost paralyzed and went on looking at that apparition. He was a creation of Brahmand's .. a divine miracle. He was so close to me, yet was very far. Though I knew him, yet, I was in the darkness of ignorance. He was a human being. I am also a human being. Yet he had transgressed the limitation of

He was a realized' Master " I was encircled by the bondages and connection with so many of the material world. He was all aloof, independent·· with no bondage of any type. I was lost in my own thoughts, when the booming sound of, "Aye .. Harihar ", brought me back to my conscious awareness.

" Aye, Hari. I have initiated Kapil in the path of ' Agam Agochar ' that you have chosen for him. I have cleansed him of the old sanskars, and also activated those sanskars in him which will enhance his path of evolution. I am leaving now, but would again come after some time. "

I could see the super human being going away. He was vanishing with great speed and left behind a glow in darkness. He was in a human form like you and me. Yet he was not a human being. He was exquisite. He was a ' Master '. He could create by his will. He could move at the speed of thought. He was so far above the concepts of , Dvait ' and 'Advait '. He appeared in a human form, but he was not a human.

He left behind a glow, which was dispelling the darkness. There was the sky, the light, as also, dormant and still nature. The sound of flowing waters and the mute messages soothed my soul and freed me like Himalaya. My eyes were glued to the spot where the Maha Purush had disappeared. I could only see the range of mountains. The vast area covered by bushes, snow-clad pinnacles of Himalayas and the waves of the flowing river were dimly visible. There was dense darkness everywhere. The faint glow was still there. It illuminated my inner, as well as external being.

I was looking in search of something far away. I was following that light. The human being in me was engrossed in the comparison between him and myself. After all, he was also a human being almost like a common man. But this man was so different from a common man. He had transcended the common by virtue of his divinity.

A man's life itself is supreme and rare. A human has the capacity to obtain everything. Despite this potential, he is running away from his' self'. He is overlooking the truth in pursuit of ' untruth '. He is trying to initiate the others, but in this process of doing so, he is ignoring his ' self '. An uninvolved man is leading suffocated life. Due to petty love, hate and other inhuman acts, man is going into oblivion.

However, some human beings have ascribed supreme importance to human body and keep traveling in a spiritual and celestial world at will. All paths have become easy for such a Maha Purush. Light emanates from his body. He can travel in the sky like wind. He is creating light from the Panch Bhoot (five elements). He is simulating the wind. His voice is producing spiritual ,(ibrations in the atmosphere. All the elements of nature closely cooperate with him. Earth and planets have become his abode. Deeply affected by the celestial grandeur of the super human, I became pensive.

" Somnath is conversant with his bizarre activities. Amar Yogi Gorakhnath has been present in all the ages like a Kalpataru and has been concerned with the welfare of mankind. "

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Tarun Choudhury


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