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Mahayogi Pilot Babaji

Mahayogi Pilot Babaji

15th July,1938, a soul sparkles in the bosom of mother Raj Tapeshwari Devi of Sasaram, Bihar.

Unaware that he would be the beacon of spiritual knowledge in years to come, "Kunwar Lallan "or" Kapil Singh" ( child-hood name of Mahayogi Pilot Babaji ) was born.

He gracefully completed his education and obtained Masters' Degree in Organic Chemistry from Banaras Hindu University.

" born patriot"

The passion to serve the country and consider it above all religions, made young Kapil join Indian Air Force.

He got commissioned as a fighter pilot in year 1957. He served and decorated Indian Air Force until the year 1972.

He fought the wars of 1962,1965, 1971.

His dare-devil acts as a fighter pilot earned him the name ' Green Pilot '. Awarded by , Shaurya Chakra " 'Vir Chakra ' and 'Vishishtha Seva Medal " he moved on to serve his country without fail.

" turning point "
An established fighter pilot's life chalked out something more important and challenging in the years to come which led him meet his GURU HARI BABA.

HARI BABA would often ask for" two rupees" as and when he appeared before him from nowhere!

The time of transformation had to happen in fighter pilot's life wen, during 1962 war, fighter Kapil was in action at NEFA border, his plane lost the controls and contact with the base and did not know where to land the plane.

The authorities at the base had lost all the hopes of Kapil's survival. At this juncture, when all hopes were gone, HARI BABA appeared to Kapil in his cockpit and guided him to land the plane. This came as a turning point in young Kapil's life and he took premature retirement from Air Force at the rank of Wg. Cdr.

" search of self "
The mystery of his GURU'S appearance brought him closer to true life.
His quest and intense desire to unveil the mysteries of human mind, soul, made him renounce the worldly pleasures at an young age of thirty three, his ultimate destination being The Great Himalayas.

He travelled extensively in Himalayas for years and found " Pindari Glacier" as his final call for severe penance.

For sixteen years, his home, his life, his journey for self was within the Himalayas.

Ageless Masters like Mahavtaar Babaji Sarveshvaranandji, Sunder Nath Babaji poured on him their valuable wisdom about life.

However, under the able guidance of his spiritual master HARI BABA, he discovered the sacred Science of Samadhi through meditation and KRIYA YOGA

Wg. Cdr. Kapil was a transformed soul now as " Somnath Giri H •• the name given by his Master. He also came to be fondly known as " Pilot Saba ".

SAMADHI is a state when person is beyond body and mind and in complete unison with the cosmos.

Only a true yogi like revered Maha Yogi Pilot Babaji can be in complete unison with the five elements of the body and through them experiment various kinds of Samadhi. i.e., Bhumigat Samadhi or Underground Samadhi, a state when a yogi is in complete unison with the Earth element both within and outside the body.

SAMADHI in air-tight glass chamber .. or Jal Samadhi, Samadhi in water .. Babaji has . demonstrated all such Samadhis more than a hundred times in India, as also many a times abroad, particularly in Japan.

" World Peace Campaign "
Baba is a Maha Yogi who has made his own life an adventure, an inquiry, into the nature of things as they are and has not surrendered to the normal conventions of the society.
He has always thought of the journey ahead and never looked back to what is behind.
Tirelessly, he keeps travelling around the globe with the message of ONENESS through the science of meditation and Samadhi.

His guidance is there for one and all.
He does not believe in binding masses with him, but guides them to be enlightened individuals in their own right, who are competent and have been bestowed with true knowledge of self.

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