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Hari Baba a glimpse of his life

HARI BABA hails from Nepal, " TRIKHANDI ", manifestation. Yet, he looked like a simpleton to a place five hours away from Kathmandu.

"TRIKHANDI" gains it name from the fact that it is a small temple on the hill-top across the river in a small town known as " Hetauda "in Nepal. The temple holds in it a small rock which is divided into three sections .. thus the term 'TRIKHAND '. The stone, being sacred and of religious importance, draws large number of crowds during the Shivratri festival.

Across the river is the small Ashram on both sides of road wherein HARI BABA and his Guru AVTAAR BABAJI have spent most of their time.

A small temple with Shiva Lingam and couple of rooms towards the river-side decor the place. The other side of the Ashram across the road has a few rooms, a dhuni ( fire place) where HARI BABAJI would often sit. However, now this place also holds the Samadhi Sthal ( final resting place) of both AVTAAR BABAJI and HARI BABA.

Though both these realized masters are not in their mortal coil, yet this place vibrates with their energy, full of spiritual sanctity .. a perfect place for serious seekers to practice meditation.

For HARI BABA, obeying and serving his Guru was his occupation. Sitting beside his dhuni at Trikhandi, he would speak very less. His deep penetrating eyes had the power to look beyond the human periphery of mundane world.

HARI BABA, a tremendous siddha, had mastered the secrets of perfect astral travelling and physical de-manifestation and re-manifestation. Yet, he looked like a simpleton to an average human being.

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