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Absorbing karma means paying in full for karma

Absorbing karma from others means paying in full for their karma - like a rich one having millions of $ in excess meeting a poor one having a few then thousand $ debts. Of course he can easily pay in full the debts of the poor one. After paying in full however of course he will have that amount less on his account.

If however the rich one has less money on his account than the debts he wants to pay - then HE himself ends up with debts. Hence any Guru can only absorb as much karma from his disciples as he can truly dissolve in love without experiencing any damage to himself.

But what if the rich one sees that the poor one has debts because he is spending or wasting all his money for alcohol, drugs and warfare ? Then it makes no sense at all go pay all the open bills !! First the one in debt needs to be ready to avoid creating new problems. He needs to be willing to conduct a "rightful" life. Spiritually it means a disciple first needs to PROOF readiness to love or at least to learn to love.

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