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There are questions that are asked out of curiosity, fear, anxiety, and tension. If some fortunate one happens to develop a real wisdom his curiosity and other negative traits disappear forever with the activation of his third eye.

As long as we are selfish and pursuing our whims and fancies we are blind spiritually. Our two eyes always see shortcomings and defects in others and our mind always justifies our actions to be right in any matter and we remain aloof from other people’s opinion and reaction. This leads to a tug-of-war in protecting self-interests.
There have been instances when wealthy and all-powerful emperors and kings felt subdued before saints who had a weak and fragile body. Similarly, humble devotees subdued renowned intellects and in turn these intellects became their followers after understanding that ‘love’ is the final abode of the soul. Merely becoming an intellect will not satisfy our soul.
Lord Buddha, and lady saints like Meera Bai, and Akka Mahadevi (in India) left their palaces, and many more left their belongings and relations for the realization of true knowledge or devotion to their personal God. They were able to get themselves the freedom required for pursuing their heartfelt wish. An ambitious emperor, Asoka, discarded the war-spirit after the Kalinga war and adopted Buddhism to win people by love and through welfare measures.
Again, there are those who sacrificed their lives for greater causes than their normal worldly pursuits. Fighting as a soldier of a Peace Army or serving and saving mankind at the cost of sacrificing one’s life is of the highest order. Many such humble souls realized immortality and poets sang their glory, posthumously.
There is a natural tendency in man to avoid meeting with death. The main reason is that he considers the body a onetime affair and thus he tries to gain maximum advantage in terms of worldly enjoyment and remains possessive till the very end of his life. He remains aloof or never ponders over facing his end, even at a very ripe age. Mostly we are unprepared and meet death with fear and frown. Mental attachments play havoc at the approach of the death.
Recently, my elderly sister asked me: “Where do we go and how do we go after our death?” I just replied that this is the question we should solve at the first opportunity in this very life. If there is no awareness about the condition after physical death then natural laws will apply, I.e., rebirth in correspondence with the effect of our good and bad deeds. In nature, Newton’s third law fully applies stating that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. It is for this reason that wise people behave towards others the way they would like to be treated themselves.
In fact, our two eyes see the material world as the manifestation of our mental attitude. Through these eyes we cannot see our soul, a non-physical entity. This being the case, what about a proposition that asks us to submerge our mind in a kind of ocean, full of love and bliss? For this nothing more is being asked than to do our duties well and finally to leave attachments and selfishness to pursue the paths of either intellect or devotion to a personal God (taking up service to mankind).
It is when a person acquires wisdom - his third eye - that he is on the side of the righteous people who have always been less in numbers at any given time on Earth. Wisdom is developed through the analytical mind adopting correct reasoning. The wisdom acquired thus prevents the senses from wandering away in fleeting enjoyments. The third eye developed through mature wisdom leads one to the source of divine bliss and makes one feel satisfied under all conditions. Originally written by S.P. Sharma

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