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Yogiraj Shyamacharan Lahiree - Autobiography

At the hour of 7 Danda 30 Pal (08 hours 27 minutes, 47 seconds IST) on the morning of Tuesday, the seventh day of the dark fortnight and 16th Aswin of the Bengali year 1235 (30th September 1828 A.D.), this Divine Child caused His Descent at village Ghurni, His parents being Gourmohan Lahiri (Sarkar) and Muktakeshi Devi, second wife of Gourmohan. By his first wife, Gourmohan had two sons, Chandrakanta and Sharadaprasad and a daughter, Swarnomoyee. His first wife expired in course of a pilgrimage. Then Gourmohan married second time. Five years after the Advent of Shama Churn Muktakeshi Devi gave birth to a daughter named Sulakshana. Thus Gourmohan had three sons and two daughters.

The town of Shantipur was about to be immersed by the influx of sadhana and the district of Nadia was already flooded. Nadia District herself being drowned with the flood of sadhana, influenced others to be drowned also. In this sacred soil of India had arrived a Divine Child who would portray to men, vexed and tormented with the pangs of earthly existence, the path of sadhana .The district of Nadia which was benefitted by the dust of the feet of many great souls and blessed by memories of innumerable panditas, gave shelter in her lap to this Sublime soul. The air of Nadia smacked of the spirit of festivity, the dust from the earth by rising upwards ; the trees by swaying; the birds by singing dulcet notes; the bees by flitting from one flower to another were all felicitating this Divine Child. The neighbouring housewives assembled in the Lahiri house to have a glimpse of that fair-complexioned, handsome Divine Child. It was a cause for joy and celebration in the village of Ghurni. Gourmohan treated everyone to sweets. For the well-being of the new arrival, he implored everyone's blessings.

Gourmohan was a virtuous, devout and religious person. He used to engage himself performing puja, reading the sastras and discussing religious facts. He was also an earnest devotee of yogasadhana. He had sincere regard for all gods and goddesses. Muktakeshi Devi too used to daily worship the household deity, Siva with sincere devotion. Before worshipping Siva, she would not even accept breakfast. Whenever any beggar arrived, she would part with whatever she had. Muktakeshi Devi was extremely compassionate, charitable and good-natured. Therefore she commanded respect from all the neighbouring women. A Divine Child is only to such parents. God has also declared: ---

Suchinam srimatam gehe yogabhrashtoabhijayate
Athava yoginameva kule bhavati dhimatam
Etaddhi durlabhataram loke janma yadidrisam ------ Gita 6/41-42

A person who has not been able to pursue his yogasadhana due to his untimely demise is born in a holy and noble household or in the family of realized yogis. Such births are scarce.

Certain moments arrive when the country becomes replete with knowledge, glory and cultural heritage. The nineteenth century was such a moment for India. The effulgent sun of India was at its acme then. In this period, just as many great souls were born in the spiritual path, likewise in the spheres of politics, sociology etc. India had become replete. People would earn money then, but not by sacrificing the principles of dharma as is prevalent now. People then would abide by dharma and its precepts. Along period of Mughal rule and later British rule did disrupt India's Sanatana Dharma partially. Irrespective of being wealthy or poor everyone belonging to the Sanatana faith was temptingly weaned away and forcibly converted into Islam or Christianity. It was necessary at this point of time for great souls in all aspects to be born. Therefore it can be observed that in the nineteenth century, the whole of India produced great men in the spheres of religion, politics, sociology etc. In the realm of religion, the contributions of Nadia and Kashi are immensely great.

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