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Sri Sadashiva brahmendra - Biography

Sri Sadashivabrahmendra was bron in Srivathsa gothra in Madurai at Tamilnadu. Sri Somanath Avadani & Srimati Parvati devi were the parents of sadashivabrahmendra. 

They were soft natured, orthodox & truthful peoples. Somanath Avadani came to Madurai in the year 1650 from Andhra. He was famous as “Moksha inti Somanath Avadani”. He had the habit of doing Kundalini yoga. Before they gave birth to a child, Somanath Avadani had advised his wife to do Rama Japa (repeating the name of Rama in to crores) for purification of mind & also the born child would get the grace of Rama. Accordingly she had performed the japa & her mind had dissolved in Rama & also they had visited few pilgrimages like Rameshwara & etc. when they were in Rameshwara they had the view of Parameshwara blessing them to give birth to a great child who will be the savior of the world. As the bless, she gave birth to an intelligent boy. Due to the child was born as the bless of Shiva & by the grace of Rama, & also they were being the devotee of Lord Krishna they named the child as “ShivaRamaKrishna”. On his love, they were calling him as Pichhukuppan. ShivaRamaKrishna had upanayanam in his small age only. 

They joined him to vedic school in Madhurai & After roll of few years, Somanath Avadani decided to continue his life in spiritual way hence the responsibility of the family fell on the shoulders of Parvati devi. ShivaRamaKrishna married in small age only & after the marriage also he continued his vedic education under the pandit SreeRama Bhadra Dixit in Tiruvisanallur(The books Janki parinayam,Pantanjali haritre,Ramastavakarnarasayana were written by SreeRama Bhadra Dixit ).

Sridhar venkatesh (He was famous as Iyyaval. He was working under the Mysore king), Mahabhasya Gopalakrishna shastri (He was also known as Bikshandar Gopalakrishna shastri. He wrote mahabhasyas to Patanjali’s vyakarna. Hence he got the name Mahabhasya Gopalakrishna shastri) & Sri Bhodendra (He introduced new concept in Bhajanas. & Now also it is famous as Bhodendra bhajans) were the Vedic classmates of Shiva Rama Krishna.

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