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Mystery of Adi Shankara Phenomenon

In response to a veteran Buddhist’s intellectual deliberation and declaration that ‘Shunyata’ and ‘Brahma’ are same, a very young Adi smiled and said that any affirmation or verbalization about ‘That Otherness’ is not ‘That’ as ‘That’ is unknowable, unlimited and un-nameable! 

As a young boy of nine years, Adi asked permission from his mother to adopt ‘Sanyas’(a monk or sage in the dimension of total freedom from the separative phenomenon of the psyche ‘I’), but the mother wept and refused permission. Such was the brilliance of the brain in the young Adi, that he was able to see ‘What is’ of the humdrum of a house-holder with all its hoax, humbug and hypocrisy and his dependencies on the stupidities of social values derived from acquisitive and accumulative urges and the concomitant fear and envy. All such social stupidity, prompted him to go for ‘Sanyas’. Soon, thereafter, a crocodile caught hold of his leg while the boy (Adi) was swimming in the river nearby and the mother was watching from the shore. The mother screamed in terror. And the boy shouted --- “don’t scream, but just permit me to take ‘Sanyas’! Mother, in great agony immediately gave permission and the crocodile released the boy and vanished in the deep river! The story is so sweet and reveals the tremendous holiness of the wholeness of the Energy of Understanding (Chaitanya) in the body of the young Adi. 

Paradox of opposing speculations can never enable one to understand the holiness existential of the Awareness in Wholeness. In meditative movement one is in Emptiness, Wholeness and Holiness. This emptiness touches ‘That’ which is timeless!

In Yoga, one must begin with the psyche ‘I’ and not with the body! Otherwise the body will merely be in a physical fitness program (in ‘Viyoga’) without the profound freedom from the psychological pollution, which indeed is yoga. 

Mere concentration makes thought narrow, limited and brittle; but concentration comes as a natural phenomenon when there is an awareness of the wicked ways of thought. This awareness cannot come from the ‘thinker’ who chooses and discards, who holds on to or rejects. Thinker and thought mechanism destroys love, life and energy of understanding. Thought offers only pleasure. It can never give rise to Joyful existence. Pleasures of various kinds, has its continuity in thought. Suppressing thought is not the sacred dimension of ‘no- thought’! 

Inattention dictates pleasures, habits and hang-ups and dilutes the joy of attention holy and holistic. Understanding all this, is the process of meditation ---- not the profane marketing of self- hypnotic techniques. 
Meditation is order, not confusion of chaotic consciousness. This order is mathematically absolute --- an uncompromising sanctity of understanding. An action from this dimension is indeed kriya ----- which is doing without any doer-ship whatsoever. Thought is disorder! 

Let meditation begin like the trickle of Narmada to be an enormous river of mind-boggling flow of energy. In the flow of meditation, shoddy little feelings and fragmentary experiences have no place! Meditation is the abundant release of Energy.

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