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Leaving the body by Kriya Yoga


An old lady leaves the body by Kriya Yoga


One day Guruji returned to the hermitage late in the evening. The Swami had been expecting him, and waiting in the prayer hall. The guru appeared pensive and withdrawn. He sat beside his disciple, and both of them remained silent for a while. The Swami sensed something unusual.
After a while Guruji said, “This morning I was called to attend the funeral of an elderly Brahmin. After the ceremonies were over, the gentleman’s widow confided me that she and her husband had been practicing Kriya yoga, as taught by another Guru, for many years. Now that her husband had gone she told me that there were no further duties left to which she had to attend. Hence, she wished to join him. In other words, she desired to leave the body. She then asked my permission to do so.”
The Guru continued, “Of course I assumed that the lady was deluded by grief, and firmly discouraged the thought of such a drastic step. He was, however, quite serene. There was a Kriya-technique, she explained, which would allow her to consciously leave her body and not to return. She wished to do this Kriya in her puja room, in my presence. I was skeptical but, wanting to comfort the lady, I consented.”
“We both sat on special asanas and remained in silent meditation for nearly two hours. I watched as she performed Kriya continuously, gradually changing to higher Kriyas until she gathered all the prana and centered it at the point between the eyebrows. Then composed and withdrawn, she left her body, releasing the prana through the opening of the Brahmarandhra, on top of the head. Her body remained upright, fixed in that pose for a few moments, before sinking slowly to the ground.”
That night, the atmosphere in the ashram was emotionally changed. The presence of a rare Kriyavan amongst them, in the person of this noble lady, moved everyone deeply.



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