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Kedarnath Shrine - After June 2013


Devastation Around the Kedarnath Shrine


Thanks to a higher power the famous and beautiful Kedarnath Shrine was the only structure to remain intact while being completely surrounded by a valley of devastation and death. The area surrounding the shrine was submerged in slush and mud after several unpredicted flash floods hit the area, as well as several other parts of Uttarakhand.

Several reports indicate that there were at least 50 bodies lying in areas across from the shrine. Some have even been found at the door of the beloved shrine as if gently placed there by the hand of God. However, people fear that even more bodies will be discovered as the debris begins to clear. Aerial pictures display the devastation around the Kedarnath Shrine as an area of mass chaos, but survivors see the protected shrine as a beacon of hope and that God is still with them. In addition, several hotels, shops, and many homes were damaged due to the flooding.

The have been over 500 people reported missing since the devastation around the Kedarnath Shrine occurred. There are also reports that suggestion more than 6,000 people were stranded in the Kedarnath valley as a result of the destruction. However, they know they have not been abandoned by God or punished, due to the proof in that the shrine awaits their return to worship.

Search and rescue missions were not started as soon as many would have liked due to the rough climate conditions in the area. So, the time was spent thanking God for their lives, offering praise to God and good words for those returned to their maker, and doing whatever they could to help their community. In addition, multiple teams of natural disaster management are working through the devastation and destruction on foot in order to provide assistance to anyone they can.

Unfortunately, reports indicate that the destruction brought on by the flash floods claimed the lives of over 130 individuals in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarkhand. Everyone gazes at the photos of the area in wonder in awe of Gods great mercy and protection, as the famous Kedarnath Shrine was able to withstand the flash floods and remain completely intact. The shrine has provided a great deal of hope that God has his plan and will get them through this struggle.

Many believe that God must have been watching over the Kedarnath Shrine, as it was the only structure in the immediate area that was able to survive the devastation. Logic, science, and meteorologists agree that there is no way the shrine should have survived. Luck is not even enough to describe how the Kedarnath Shrine was able to survive the terrible storm. It is very clear that there was a higher power shielding the shrine from the death and destruction, to remain as a ray of light for everyone in the darkness of this terrible trial.


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