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Kriyayoga And Prana

Kriyayoga is Prana-science. Prana is essential amongst everything animate and inanimate, because of the existence of Prana, everyone is alive, all actions are performed, enjoyment and suffering can be experienced. Nothing can be experienced if Prana is non-existent in the body.

Prana being fundamental for everything, Prana is God. This soul or Prana bears the total creation. Thus soul, dharma, God are the same. Prana is the Progenitor, Holder, Pervader of the total universe hence dharma.

This Prana inheres within and without the creation. It is present in humans, animals, insects, sun, moon, stars, sky in the five elements - thus the total creation. Kriyayoga is the worship of Prana or Prana - oblation.

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Tarun Choudhury

Kriya Yoga Technique


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