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Who is Babaji Really?

Much hue and cry has been raised about Babaji. To familiarise us further about His Guru Babaji Yogiraj has delineated a human face and thus recounted beside it - "Ehi Babajike rupa, ehi yama, ehi dharma". In accordance with His statement - This is the Form of Babaji, this only is both Yama or the Destroyer and dharma or Preserver but he is not the Creator. Then Who is the Creator? Dynamism evolves from Brahma Statice thus everything is created, the origin of all creation is Static Brahma. Again in another instance He has expatiated -"This Atmasurya is Mahapurusha Brahma, He only is the Container of the universe; everything evolves from here and ultimately everything merges here." The first manifested dot from Brahma Statice is Atmasurya. This Atmasurya is Infinite and Ubiquitous. In actuality augmentation of dynamism from that Atmasurya only has caused the creation of this macrocosm, still the place of origin of Atmasurya is Static Brahma. Hence Brahma only is the place of origin for everything.

If there is creation destruction is inevitable. For this reason Babaji is the Destroyer. Again since Atmasurya is the Protector for everything, Babaji is dharma hence Protector. 

Babaji himself being Atmasurya in the end everything merges in Him. Because of this He is the Destroyer. Again He only is dharma, because the different entities prevalent in creation all have separate essences or dharmas, this essence or dharma evolves from Atmasurya. For instance the first dot or Atmasurya is manifested from Static Brahma, again the endless space or inseparable motion which is manifested from this dot or else the dynamic void is also invested with attributes. This attribute only is dharma; because this attribute only maintains the totality. But Brahma is devoid of attributes. Although this sky or the vast expanse or space is immanent it is not beyond attributes. On the other hand the word 'dharma' connotes One by Whom everything is borne. When everything is borne by Atmasurya, when Babaji himself is Atmasurya then he is dharma. 

If we say dharma exists and its contrary does not exist, it is not correct. Acknowledging one facet will automatically lead to acknowledgment of the other; for this reason if the intrinsic essence (dharma) is present then non-intrinsic essence (adharma) is also present, but is absent from Brahma. Thus Yama (Destroyer) and dharma are both dual entities, not non-dual. For this reason since the place of merging for the total creation is Atmasurya, that Atmasurya is Yama and since He is the Controller of all attributes, He is dharma. Because of this Babaji is both yama and dharma.

Yogiraj has further elucidated in this regard - "Khod Babaji kaldand liye upar surya candramake bhitar dekhlai diya:" In other words visualisation of Babaji alongwith the staff of death was caused to occur above or else I envisioned his presence within the vast expression of million sun and million moonlike Kutastha. In actuality the entities of Guru and disciple are dual. Barring this duality sadhana cannot be imparted or received. But everything is one at the root, then solely it is Brahma, nothing else but Brahma. Therefore in accordance with the fundamental or root essence Babaji and Shama Chum are one and the same, but for Jiva-Shama Chum to obtain sadhana, imperatively there has to be two, so the same entity disintegrating into two separate entities imparted sadhana to Himself and reverted to His Own Self.

That He only is the Origin and Ubiquitous, to shower enlightenment about this all-pervasiveness Shama Chum has explained - "Hum hi asmanka suryarupa - Hum choday dusra koi koi nahi" The dazzling sun of the sky, whose brilliance has made this macrocosm radiant, that sun's form, fire, resplendence, heat are all Me. When there is nothing barring Me in this universe then alongwith the sun of the sky I only prevail amidst the total creation. Without My Immanence the resplendent sun of the sky will be absent, thus I have created and am maintaining the totality. In this manner all the forms noticeable in this world are My Form only, My manifestations only. Therefore I only am the Master of creation, preservation and mergence taken together. Thus Krishna Babaji and Jiva Shama Chum Both are manifestations of Brahma Shama Chum.

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